The goal of the Accountability Support Program is to enlist your friends, family and physician in supporting your health and fitness goals. Research indicates that people “reported significantly greater weight loss, health and fitness results when they had the support from their family and friends.”- Powers, T.A., Koestner, R., and Gorin, A.A. (2008), Families, Systems and Health, 26 (4) 40-46



  1. Provide us the names of yur closets friends here in Gainesville and the name of your personal physician. This is your accountability and support network.
  2. We will send them a letter informing them you have become a member and ask them to support you achieving your fitness goals. If you like we can also invite your friend(s) to be your workout buddy.
  3. We send them an update on your progress every 30 days.

This program lets your closest friends and personal physician know you are very serious about your goals and having their support is invaluable.