Our group training classes are total body workouts that provide people an opportunity to participate in a challenging integrated training program. Dependent upon the focus of the particular class the training session will improve muscular strength and endurance; core strength and stability, flexibility and cardio respiratory health.

Classes are limited to an enrollment of 8-12 people. This allows the staff to provide additional attention and coaching to all participants giving them the feel of receiving personal training. We utilize equipment such as battle ropes, kettle bells, dumbbells, barbells, rowers, bikes and body-weight, and a variety of circuits to ensure variation in the class. 



PEAK utilizes Circuit and Hypertrophy training to improve muscular strength and endurance; core strength and stability; and increase lean muscle mass which should lower body fat. Circuit training is a series of resistance exercises completed one right after another with minimal or no rest between exercises. Hypertrophy training focuses on increasing strength and muscle mass by utilizing horizontal loading and heavier weight.



The cardio training classes utilize principles such high-intensity interval training (HIIT) to get your heart pumping while incorporating core work  to improve your cardio-respiratory fitness.