Individual one on one training is available. For those that have some fitness experience Peak’s semi-private coaching and training approach offers the same individualized workouts for the monthly membership fee with more scheduling flexibility.

Semi private coaching training sessions will be with a small group of 1 to 2 other clients with similar fitness goals who will provide camaraderie and support. Every 4-6 weeks the PEAK Strength and Fitness Staff will chart your progress, and modify your program to keep you moving to your goals.

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Assessment is the foundation of Peak Strength and Fitness integrated personal training program. Assessment’s allow the staff to develop progressive programs that will help clients attain their health and fitness goals.


  • Medical History and Health Appraisal

  • Postural Assessments

  • Body Composition

  • Movement and Range of Motion

  • Cardiorespiratory

  • Strength

  • Performance

The goal of these assessments are to determine your current level of fitness and if you have any muscle imbalances. This information allows the staff to design a safe customized program for clients. Depended upon how your body adapts, your program will change every 4-6 weeks maximizing the concept of periodization. Periodization varies the focus of the training at planned periods of time (i.e weekly , monthly, quarterly) to produce optimal adaptation and results.  It is highly recommended that people stick with a plan at least 3 months to advantage of periodization.